About NASA

The NAIT Academic Staff Association (NASA) has existed since 1982, and represents you in dealings with NAIT’s Board and management.

Our Misson

The mission of NASA is to serve its membership through contract negotiations and advocacy, while fostering academic identity through open communication, professional and personal development, and mutual respect.

Our Vision

Engaging in dialogue seeking truth.

Our Values:

NASA Business Plan 2017 - 2021

Core Business:

The Executive, President and, Labour Relations Officer will advocate on behalf of individual members on contractual issues.

Our Core Business Includes:

  • Representing and assisting members with their concerns including, if necessary, the filing of Association grievances when the Collective Agreement is violated

  • Informing NASA members of their rights, responsibilities

  • Informing NASA members of developments in Association/Management relations

  • Identifying deficiencies with the Collective Agreement through dialogue with members

Key Business Directions:

  • Advocating on behalf of NASA members

  • Providing effective NASA leadership

  • Influencing the Academic Plan

  • Negotiating the Collective Agreement

  • Promoting effective Communication

  • Promoting and encouraging the use of Educational and Professional Development Account (EPDA) funds

  • Providing membership services

NASA Annual Budget

This page is currently under construction.

If you have a question, comment or request, please contact Finance VP James Guthrie or Executive Officer Adele Weichel.

NASA Committees


Elected - Two Year Term

  • Chairs Executive, Table Officers and Bargaining Committees
  • Presides over all meetings of the general membership
  • Sits as a non-voting ex-officio member of all NASA committees
  • Provides direction to the LRD and Association Staff
  • Sits as a member of Academic Council
  • Provides written reports on the activities of the Association
  • Provides updates from Academic Council. Solicits input from Executive and other caucus members.
  • Liaises with NAIT management, ACIFA, Student reps

Executive School Representatives (12 Representatives)

Two Year Term​

  • Attend Executive meetings (every three weeks) and report on activities in the School.
  • Participate in sub-committee work as assigned.
  • Become knowledgeable of NASA's mission, bylaws and the collective agreement
  • Personally deliver New Instructor Orientation binders to new NASA members in their Schools.
  • Participate in the promotion of NASA initiatives or public relations events (ie. Annual General Meeting)
  • Liaise with Constituents on a regular basis
  • Sending an email to School members (list provided by NASA)​
  • Circulating Executive meeting summary to their School members

Appointed Members (Yearly)

  • Attends meetings 2-3 times per year.
  • Reviews the policy and criteria for the Family Member awards.
  • Assists with making award selections.

 Marking Sub-Committee


Members mark award essays using predefined criteria.

Roo Maynard, representing Precarious Staff (Temporary and Casual)

James Gospodyn, representing Chairs

Angie Skuba, representing Curriculum & Instructional Specialists

Christine Loo, representing Librarians

Komal Kumar, representing Counsellors

Spenser Rawluk, representing Electrical Installations (SST)

David McCoy, representing Manufacturing, Fabrication and Maintenance (SST)

Kirk Lamble, representing Mechanical (SST - Patricia Campus)

Krysta Westlund, representing Medical Imaging and Laboratory Services (SHLS)

Sherry Sand, representing Dental and Animal Clinical Services (SHLS)

Randy Dreger, representing Community Health (SHLS)

Mette Rasmussen, representing Energy, Resources and Operations (SAST)

Ken Williams, representing Infrastructure and Sustainable Design (SAST)

Greg Von Lipinski, representing Electrical and Electronics (SAST)

Ashley Lawson, representing Natural Sciences and Academic Studies (SAST)

Wanda Griesheimer, representing Industrial Automation and Design (SAST)

Steve Chattargoon, representing Media, Information & Communication Technologies (SAST)

Mark Zubis, representing Accounting and Analytics (JRSSB)

Camron Rahmanian, representing Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (JRSSB)

Melissa Dobson, representing Management and Bachelor of Technology (JRSSB)

Janet Bertsch, representing Marketing, Hospitality and Human Resource Management (JRSSB)

Shauna MacDonald, Chair and NASA President

Trevor Zimmerman, Spokesperson and Labour Relations Director

Areas with currently vacant representation:

Information Systems Technology (SAST)

Transportation (SST)

Construction (SST)

Culinary Arts and Professional Food Studies (SST)


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Communications Vice-President (Two Year Term)

  • Exercise the powers, and perform the duties, of the President, in his or her absence.
  • Attend meetings of the Executive.
  • Chair the Communications Committee.
  • Ensure that notice of all meetings is served.
  • Secure and make available the seal of the Association and ensure the minutes of all meetings are kept and approved. Minutes shall also be made available for inspection by the members on reasonable notice.
  • Ensure that when the Executive approves a motion to make, amend, or repeal a Policy Bylaw, then that bylaw is published.
  • Submit a written report on the performance of his or her duties for each publication of Intercom.
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as assigned by the Executive or the President.

Six Elected Members (Two Year Term

  • Attend committee meetings (September–June).
  • Review and recommend to Executive policies and procedures pertaining to NASA’s corporate image and communications (Bylaw COMM.008).
  • Facilitate and maintain interactive communication networks, including the production of the Intercom (Bylaw COMM.008).
  • Proof the Intercom (approx. 4-5 times per year) and solicit and submit articles on issues relevant to NASA and of interest to members (2-3 times per year).
  • Review and update Association publications and forward amendments to staff for updating (Business Plan; Orientation Package).
  • Review the NASA website and forward amendments to staff for updating.
  • Participate in public relations activities as identified by the Committee including the Share the Warmth Campaign.

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Finance Vice-President

  • Attends Executive meetings (every 3 weeks).
  • Attends Table Officer meetings (every 3 weeks)
  • Chairs the Finance Committee.
  • Chairs the Award Committee.
  • Maintains the financial accounts (weekly), presents budget to Executive, signs cheques.
  • Chairs the Honoraria Committee
  • Prepares financial records for the audit.

Three Elected Members (One Year Term)

  • Attend monthly committee meetings (x5) (September – January)
  • Attend budget associated meetings (February – May)(x4).
    • Budget Information Session (to solicit member feedback).
    • Executive Meeting (to present the budget proposal).
    • Annual General Meeting (to present budget for member approval).


  • Under Construction

Membership Engagement Vice-President (Two Year Term)

  • Attend meetings of the Executive.
  • Chair the Membership Engagement Committee.
  • Represent the Association on the ACIFA Professional Affairs Committee.
  • Submit a written report on the performance of his or her duties for publication at least once every three months between September and May.
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as assigned by the Executive or the President.

Eight Elected Members (Two Year Term)

  • Attend monthly committee meetings (10) (September – June).
  • Actively participate in 1-2 sub-committees.
  • Speaker Series
    • Identify at least 4 topics and speakers.
    • Attending and introduce/thank presenters.
    • Submit articles for Intercom.
  • Discounts
    • Review, update and solicit new discounts.
  • Recognition Event
    • Plan Recognition event every 2 years (meal, gifts, invitation)
  • Intercom Submissions
    • Coordinate with staff to advertise current conferences, guidelines, etc.
  • Socials
    • Plan social events (ie. Welcome Back, Mid-Winter Frolic; Year-End Wind-up).
  • Attend and act as host at a minimum of 2 social events.
  • Conferences Applications
  • Review applicants and approve/deny funding requests.
  • Set funding guidelines for ACIFA and other conferences.

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Joint NAIT/NASA Committees

(where NASA representation is required)

NASA President and Six Elected Members (Two Year Term)

  • Attend Academic Council meetings (8).
  • Sit on sub-committees as needed.
  • Meet with Academic caucus to identify academic issues and discuss topics coming forward from management and students.
  • Select Academic Council Representative to Executive
    • Attend meetings of Executive.
    • Report on the activities of Academic Council.
    • Provide written report for Intercom on activities of Academic Council (2-3 times per year)
  • Select Agenda Setting Representative
    • Meet with NAIT President to set Academic Council Agenda.
    • Solicit input from Executive and other caucus members.

Two Elected Members (Three Year Term)

The Board Representatives shall become members of the Executive upon their appointment as Board Representatives by the Minister, shall remain members until the expiry of their appointment, and shall:

  • Attend meetings of the Executive.
  • Attend meetings of the Board and report at the next meeting of the Executive.
  • Communicate issues to the Board, as directed by the Executive.
  • Submit a written report on the performance of his or her duties for publication at least once every three months between September and May.

One Elected Member (One Year Term)

  • Attends EAPC meetings as required.
  • Assists on EAPC sub-committees as required.
  • Submits an annual report for the NASA AGM pacakge.