December 21, 2023

Have your say in NASA’s Bargaining Survey! Temporary and Casual staff too!

Good afternoon NASA members,

I’m sending a first reminder to you all to please fill out the Bargaining Survey looking at priorities for wages, workload, job security and intellectual property. There are 25 agree or disagree statements to answer which shouldn’t take long.

There are also 4 open ended questions to provide suggestions for other priorities.

Here is the link to the survey.

Your bargaining committee will be looking at your responses to guide the drafting of proposals that they will discuss in January, and then broadly with all NASA members after Reading Week.

Proposals for bargaining need a level of discussion and scrutiny before they become finalized to bring to the table with NAIT. That means we need to hear as soon as possible from you on what you think can be included, as bargaining is likely to begin next semester.

I also want to emphasize that Temporary and Casual staff are just as much NASA members as those in Continuous positions, and so this survey is open to everyone working as an Instructor, Chair, Counsellor, Librarian, and Curriculum and Instructional Specialist regardless of your employment status. There are a number of priorities related to Temporary and Casual staff in this survey, so please be sure to take a few minutes to answer the questions.

There has been a good level of engagement from you and your co-workers through 2023 that should serve you well as you approach bargaining next year, and you won’t be doing that alone. Well over one hundred thousand public sector workers all have contracts expiring next year and are going through similar preparations as we speak. Expect to hear more from your union about cross-union solidarity in 2024.

I hope you all have a restful and enjoyable break over the holidays. It’s been great working with you in 2023.

Trevor Zimmerman,
Labour Relations Director