November 29, 2023

Bargaining in 2024 – Your Chance to Participate

Please see below an update on bargaining from NASA’s Bargaining Team

Hello NASA members,

On Tuesday evening, your bargaining committee came together for our first official meeting to begin discussions around the themes, values, and priorities that will shape our bargaining beginning in 2024. We began our discussions of what our first steps will be to ensure we are ready to effectively work with you all as bargaining starts next year.

In a short two hours, a couple of themes emerged:

  1. The commitment to transparent and honest communication. We hear members when they share their frustration around the lack of transparency or collapse in chains of communication, and your Bargaining Committee is unanimous in their agreement that all of you deserve regular, honest updates during the bargaining process, including the opportunity to attend sessions as observers as bargaining happens.
  2. The desire to represent all members, regardless of title or status, in a way that will bring proposals for more equity to our members across the collective agreement. Every NASA member will have a more direct line to their bargaining team, and more opportunity to ask questions and share concerns. This also gives the committee the chance to clarify the concerns of each department and area when considering the impacts of our proposals.

A document is attached with important motions that were passed along these lines.

We will be seeking more information from you to make sure we’re on the right track. Our one-on-one bargaining survey remains open until January 10th, those conversations are taking place member to member and if you haven’t had the chance yet please reach out to Trevor and he will connect you with someone to talk to. We will also be introducing an online survey wherein you will have the chance to rate the issues in priority areas like wages, workload, and job security. These questions are meant to be a general direction to guide us, and are based around prior survey feedback, as well as preliminary themes from the one-on-one surveys.

You can also expect more chances for communication beginning in the new year, with town halls around proposals, and regular updates to help you stay informed.

As we get ready for negotiations that could start as early as April of 2024 we are optimistic that with your help we will be able to create a strong proposal package that will address the largest concerns across the NASA membership.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding how you would like to see these issues represented, please speak to your bargaining representative. If you do not yet have a bargaining representative and would like to get involved, please contact Trevor directly. Representatives and vacant positions are listed below.

We also need you to provide us with your personal contact info as we will later move off of NAIT systems for communications. Please update your information at this link.

In solidarity,

NASA’s Bargaining Team